About Me

I was born and brought up in Lanarkshire, to Indian parents.  I studied Law at the University of Hull, before moving even further south in search of better weather and a Communications and Politics Masters in London.

I have worked for Labour for the past 12 years in Westminster and as a member of my local team in Camden.  I have experience on the local and national levels, and was involved in Labour's successful 2005 campaign.

I believe in equality, and in fairness. I believe that men and women should be paid equally, and that both the young and old are entitled to the help they want and need, from anti-discimination in the workplace, to help with caring for those that need it.

Away from politics, I have been a broadcaster, and a comedian.  I have co-presented the Fred MacAuley show on Radio Scotland, presented documentries and faced down hecklers in clubs.  This has given me strong communication skills, which would make me a strong voice for East Lothian in the House of Commons and in the media.